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Welcome to the new Forest FanBase! Time for something new. We did the app a few seasons ago. It was impossible to do it properly really, the league didn't really allow it and even simple things like trying to get accurate shirts for each season was a challenge in itself. We managed it for a couple of seasons but gave up last season after the idea was basically copied hook, line and sinker so it was at least nice to know we were onto something all along. Should have done it using fans and crowdfunding from the very start and it could really have worked but everything is easy in hindsight! So anyway, what's next? This is…

We have long thought that there were not enough fan-wear that was creative. All too often it was just a couple of poorly typeset club slogans and that was it. As a spin-off from the app we started creating original artworks as we went along and after a few years had quite a collection. Unfortunately a few have left and not quite reached legend status so they won't be of too much use now but nevertheless we have a nice archive. It seemed the obvious thing to fill the gap that few - aside from some honourable mentions for the likes of the Art of Football - were catering for. So for the last month or two we have been working on lots of new work and thinking about designs using what we have created which we are now, finally, able to unveil. We haven't really told anyone yet but the few people we did tell in advance were excited about what we had in mind. So here it is! We've had lots of little technical issues to sort out and there will no doubt be a few more. You'll see a few although we will have warned you about them I hope. Anyway I hope you like what we have done and what we have coming up. Some will not hit the mark but I think there are going to be a few that are really spot on. Typical of anything Forest related over the last few decades so highly appropriate. I'd better save some stuff for the homepage and the About Us one too so I'll end by saying that I hope this is a lot of fun. It'd be great if Forest Supporters became the most visible in the country. Come on you Reds!
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