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"Opinions are like a***holes, eveyone has one" - so let's hear yours'.

I don't get it. I try to analyse what's going on on the pitch. I like to think I know better than Aitor Karanka about some things at least and could make a few very helpful suggestions like every fan does. Nothing wrong with that. It's irrelevant of ...
Gil Dias Nottingham Forest

Preseason - The Iron Fist in the Silk Glove

It's not much to go on it's true - only a casual game with Oldham and a more competitive run out against Bournemouth so far as evidence - but it's not only the names on the team sheet that has changed completely. Nottingham Forest of last season has ...
Stan Collymore Nottingham Forest

Let's play our part in keeping #ThatLovingFeeling at Forest

Forest fans haven’t had the easiest last few decades. It’s fair to say we have generally stuck by the club through very thick and very, very thin and it was only the clowns in Uncle Fawaz’s Circus that ever managed to really empty large numbers...
Vellios Nottingham Forest

Season Review - The Attack

Last season was hard for everyone. Fans and players had very little to cheer about but the strikers probably had the toughest time being largely asked to plough a lone furrow and feed of a diet of gruel. Whilst the chances did come according to the s...
Karanka Forest Portrait

The one player Karanka can't sign, but desperately needs...

Well Aitor Karanka cannot complain that he hasn’t been backed in the transfer market this summer. Furthermore there is a distinct change in the way Forest have done business. They have identified problems, their targets and gone out and got them al...
Kieran Dowell Everton Loan Nottingham Forest Art Forest FanBase

The Midfield - End of Season Report

So what about the midfield last season? David Vaughan - Vaughanny was as good as ever when he was able to play. Like fine wine he only seems to get better but unfortunately seemed unable to stay fit enough to play on a regular basis. Who kn...
Soudani Goncalves Carvalho Dias Dawson Nottingham Forest Signings 2018

The writing's on the wall

Pinch yourself. It’s real. It’s not gossip or speculation. We are making signings that are making the country, let alone the rest of The Championship, sit up and take notice of Forest again. A ball hasn’t been kicked yet and the P-word is only ...
Eric Lichaj NFFC full back USA

Captain America! From Hero to Zero?

They say ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ and this season has been one where it seems only too true for Forest’s long-serving former Player of the Season Mr. Eric Lichaj. Rewind a little over a year and you’ll find him in top form in a struggli...
Matty Cash Snapchat scandal

Matty equally happy playing home or away!

I have a huge amount of time for Matty Cash. He’s had a fantastic season and it looks like he might well make the grade and become an influential player for Forest on the basis of what we have seen this term. He has a reckless abandon in the way he...


Started by a grumpy old Forest Fan still suffering a hangover from the biggest party in football history but 100% behind The Reds once again returning to where they belong. Moved to Nottingham to follow the dream first hand and join The Red Army.

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