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May 2018

Time for a breather and something new

The season is over, the dust has settled and interesting times lay ahead before the first ball of the next season is kicked. For me it'll be the first season as a season ticket (card!) holder and it's going to be a significant one for the club too. Lots of players are likely to come and go as Karanka stamps his authority on the club and builds a team in his image.

So what could we do? Impossible to do much with the artwork with new players and shirts to await - let alone goals, etc. to follow. So the thought occurred to me, with a nudge from Adam, to create a blog. So we've taken the opportunity to do just that. A blog with commenting, a mailing list, redesign the website, generally get everything into shape and commit to write something on a semi-regular basis next season. Maybe even a podcast element as I have some ideas for others I'm going to do and would like to extend that to FanBase possibly too.

Why? Aside from just avoiding idle hands I'd love to try and do something to help engender and sustain a positive vibe that seems all too easy to lose at Forest. There never seems to be quite enough calmness and perspective about the place. Let's see how it turns out and if we can help in any way. Every Forest fan should be doing their bit to be the 12th man. I hope a lot of you pitch in and Forest can be known as a club with it's fans behind it rather than on its back. Together we are Forest!
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