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Suggestions (nice ones) Please!

Want us to feature a particularly memorable moments we haven't yet got around to? A legendary player from the past or just a type of clothing? If so please get in touch and we will see what we can do. As nearly everything we do is custom made we will always try and provide anything there's a demand for. There are far more options available than we can offer so if you want a particular colour or need a bigger size then we might need to consider a different style of t-shirt or work out a special quote for a piece of art. Just let us know - we want to be as responsive as possible and offer exactly what you need. Just get in touch on social media or using the contact page and we will see what we can do!

Coming Soon!

We have launched with the aim of covering most of our current Clough & Taylor art, some icons and a couple of the current players. We aim to add more of the current squad every few weeks or so and will run polls on social media to decide which to do first and offer prizes for people voting so watch out for those. Equally the same for legends. We already also plan to cover our art from the European Cup triumphs to get things rolling in September and add to them occasionally too. We have lots of ideas already and will hopefully only get more as the months pass. Stay tuned, it should be interesting.
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